Pre & Post Partum

All the Pregnant Ladies

By Riva Preil

Beyoncé has given a shout out to all the single ladies, and now I will do the same for all the pregnant ladies. Last week I discussed acupuncture for pregnant women, and today I will take the opportunity to discuss EXERCISE DURING PREGNANCY.

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are innumerable! Exercise decreases low back pain, decreases constipation, improves sleep, and improves flexibility. Furthermore, it improves overall self-perception and body image during those nine blessed months, when the body undergoes changes (and dimensions) it has never previously experienced.


  • Walking
  • Pre-natal yoga
  • ANYTHING aquatic related (ex. swimming, water aerobics, even simply walking around in the pool! Exceptions: Refrain from the performing the breaststroke- it’s not friendly to the pre-natal pelvis. Furthermore, when pushing off from the pool wall, use BOTH legs simultaneously)
  • Light weight training
  • Low impact exercise


  • Plyometric type exercise (exercise that involves sudden change in direction and/or intensity)
  • Heavy bouncing movements
  • Heavy resistance training
  • Contact sports
  • Any exercise that involves holding your breath
  • Asymmetrical positioning/weight bearing activities (ex. Yoga tree pose position)
  • Excessive twisting (lumbar rotation)

For a PERSONALIZED PRE-NATAL PROGRAM, ask your obstetrician for a referral to physical therapy. We here at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy are prenatal pros, and we would be happy to help design a personal exercise program that suites your specific pregnancy needs. Good luck, and good health!

Get help now from a pelvic floor therapist.

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