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BBPT Health Tip: from Denise Small, PT and Pilates Instructor

Denise Small, PT

Muscles involved: intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the feet, plantar fascia. These muscles function primarily to support the structure of the foot and to articulate the 33 joints of the foot and ankle.

Why is this important?: The pelvis and spine respond to the stability of the foot on the ground. If the muscles of your feet are flexible, they can provide better support to the rest of your body.

Stretch Type: Active- Can be performed daily in the morning after getting out of bed and/or throughout the day

As always: no stretch or activity should be painful. If the stretch/activity is painful, stop and consult your physical therapist for modification.

Directions: Stand in a staggered stance holding on to a supportive surface, either the wall or a chair. Roll a pinky ball or another firm ball from the ball of your foot to the heel, starting from your big toe side of the foot. Avoid using tennis balls, as they are hollow and cannot support the weight of the body. Before repeating on the other foot, feel the difference between the foot that has been released and the other. Now, repeat on the other foot.

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