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Cycle for Survival: We need your support!

By Fiona McMahon, DPT Cancer has directly or indirectly touched almost all of us. It has the ability to take from us: our health, our independence, our loved ones, and even our own lives. Cancer can strike throughout the lifespan and inflicts pain on both those suffering from the disease and those who love them. We at Beyond Basics want to support the research to defeat cancer. That’s why the crew at Beyond Basics is lacing up our cycling shoes to raise some serious money for Cycle for Survival. What is Cycle for Survival? It’s an opportunity to do some good and give back. Cycle for Survival is a phenomenal fundraising organization that raises money to support research to fight rare (and usually underfunded) cancers. Participants raise money by obtaining donations and then going ALL OUT in the cycling studio. Half of people who are battling cancer are battling a rare form of the disease for which much less is known about how to effectively treat it. Cycle for Survival has raised 81.3 million dollars to date and 100% of that money has directly contributed to clinical trials and research studies for rare cancers. We need YOUR help! Please donate to our cause by visiting CFS 2016

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