Chronic Pelvic Pain

Endo Warriors! Part II

By Riva Preil

Here is some more insight from our PTs about our most recent Endo Warriors session! Read below to learn more about physical therapy for endometriosis treatment.

Can PT change or stop the disease process of Endometriosis?
A: No, but by working on releasing restrictions the result can be decrease pain.

-How can PT help with my pain?
A: By addressing posture, alignment and connective tissue / organ mobility the pain is often decreased.

-PT vs. Surgery
A: Surgery is sometime necessary, but with pre-op PT and PT after surgery, recovery time is often reduced.

-Is all PT the same?
A: No, not only do you want a therapist that specializes in the pelvic floor you want one who treats with an holistic approach. i.e., visceral, myofascial, cranio-sacral.

1. What did you impart to the group?
We provided education about the importance of symmetrical pelvic alignment, pelvic floor muscle anatomy and function, and the anatomy of the uterus. We also informed the group on how adhesions associated with endometriosis can contribute to their pain and sexual, bladder or bowel dysfunction and how myofascial release, visceral manipulation and trigger point release techniques can facilitate symptom relief. We finished with a demonstration on visceral manipulation, and Amy Stein showed the group diaphragmatic breathing techniques along with self-pelvic floor stretches (ex. double knee to chest, squatting- refer to Heal Pelvic Pain for more details). Overall I feel we helped with providing encouragement and hope that physical therapy is a holistic treatment for endometriosis.

2. Did you have any specific recommendations or advice for women who suffer from endometriosis?
To seek pelvic floor physical therapy and if possible find a therapist who practices myofascial release or visceral mobilization before and after laparoscopic surgery.

Get help now from a pelvic floor therapist.

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