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In Case You Missed Them: Great Health Resources!

In case you missed them, here are a few great resources and insights about pelvic health from the last few weeks.

Sex Therapist Talli Rosenbaum on The Pelvic Messenger, Interviewed by Alexandra Milspaw, PhD, LPC
On The Pelvic Messenger radio show, internationally renowned sex therapist Talli Rosenbaum spoke with healthcare educator Alexandra Milspaw about using mindfulness techniques to help treat pelvic pain. Check it out here.

Invitation to Dialogue: Alternative Therapies by Dr. James Gordon, The New York Times
With rising healthcare costs, Dr. James Gordon has sought to open a dialogue about the benefits of alternative medicine in place of costly medications and surgeries. Do you think it’s a valuable option? Check out the article in the New York Times here.

Interview with Amy Stein–Author of Heal Pelvic Pain by Sara K. Sauder, DPT
Amy was interviewed by Sara K. Sauder, DPT of Sullivan Physical Therapy! Check out the link to the interview here, and read Amy’s insights into physical therapy’s role in pelvic pain.

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