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May the Floor’s Force Be With You! (Part 2)

By Riva Preil The theory behind The Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain, an approach co-developed with L-J Lee, is an evidence-based whole body/person approach to help optimize function and performance. This approach considers regional alignment, biomechanics and control during meaningful task analysis and determines something called the ‘primary driver’ when there are multiple sites failing to transfer load well during the task being analyzed. The primary driver is the area of the body that when treated will have the biggest impact on function and performance of the rest of the body. Diane treats, teaches, writes, and creates. Her enormous contributions to the world of pelvic floor physical therapy are recognized and appreciated. Please tune in to the show on July 22 at 3 PM to experience Diane’s brilliance and creativity first hand. For those who can’t tune in live, the show will be archived and accessible at: Can’t wait until July 22 and thirsty for knowledge TODAY? Previous shows are available RIGHT NOW! Check out the links below for incredible options:

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