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Postcard from Ryanne’s Exercise Inservice

This week the BBPT team went back to BASICS with exercise programming. Ryanne, one of our staff PTs, led us through basic routines and their progressions with a focus on different manual and verbal cues that can be used with each exercise. Every patient begins physical therapy at different levels of exercise experience, as well as differences in body awareness. When starting patients on an exercise program, even if they are avid exercisers, it is important to start with the BASICS to see HOW exactly they are performing them and to be able to screen for any dysfunctional movement patterns: .We went over different ways to facilitate the core to allow the for symmetrical engagement in exercises like pelvic tilts, bridging, and planks. Through the use of facilitation, we can actually CHANGE the motor plans (how one moves) of our patients to more efficient ones, thereby reducing their symptoms. These techniques are useful for patients that are recovering from injury and even those wishing to return to high level fitness classes. Below, Ryanne is leading us through a basic bridge exercise with different manual and verbal cues, resistance and progression .

Denise and Amy trying their hands in facilitation
Ryanne Fiona and Melissa trying it out themselves

We encourage you to work with a physical therapist to begin or perfect your exercise routine!

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