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South of Your Border: Straight Answers About Pelvic Health

We love finding pelvic health educational events all across the country and the world, so we’re excited to share the upcoming “South of Your Border: Straight Answers About Pelvic Health” event happening at the Banner Health Center in Surprise, Arizona (13995 W. Statler Blvd.) on February 12. The event is free, and will take place from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Advance registration is required, which you can do via phone at (602) 230-CARE (2273) or online. At this event, Dr. Leszek Grabowski, will discuss female pelvic health, with the range of topics including incontinence, fibroids, menopause, and much more. Dr. Grabowski specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, specifically the screening and treatment of gynecologic conditions. In addition to this discussion, there will also be a Q&A, chances to win door prizes, refreshments, and a gift for all those in attendance. The Banner Health Center is a part of Spirit of Women, “a coalition of American hospitals committed to making good health easier for women and their families.” There are Spirit of Women hospitals located throughout Arizona and Colorado, and the coalition sponsors health-related informative events throughout the year. Not only that, but Spirit of Women also “provides opportunities for women and their families to learn more about their health, get regular updates and be part of a community focused on well-being.” We fully support this endeavor! If you are in or near Surprise on February 12 and are interested in learning more about female pelvic health, we encourage you to attend this event, not to mention other Spirit of Women events throughout the year.

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