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Welcome Denise!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the latest addition on our Pilates team. She is a bright, creative, and talented teacher and we are very lucky to have her on board. Without further ado, Denise Vidal!

I am very excited to offer additional Pilates sessions at Beyond Basics. As a professional dancer, I started practicing the Pilates method ten years ago to supplement my training. After seeing its profound effects on my body, I became certified. I have been teaching the Pilates method for over seven years now, and I use Pilates to help guide people out of their injuries and chronic pain. Most of the Pilates exercises are very similar to exercises given by your physical therapist, yet the choreography can be expanded to keep challenging you past your healing phase into your strengthening phase. Pilates goes beyond the stability found in your PT training by integrating the whole body. The result is an increased confidence in the performance of daily activities without relapse or reinjury.

Get help now from a pelvic floor therapist.

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