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YOUR Voice, Your Choice

Dear Reader,

Thank you for following the Beyond Basics Blog. I hope that you enjoy READING the blog posts as much as I enjoy WRITING them! I strive to talk about topics that interest you. That being said, I cordially invite you to submit questions that you have regarding the pelvic floor and I encourage you to share ideas that YOU want to learn about. Are there any burning topics that you wish I discussed in greater detail? Do you have any questions in particular that I can help answer? Have you heard about any innovative treatments or new research that spark your curiosity?

I would love to hear YOUR VOICE and know your interests. Consider this an opportunity to “choose your own adventureâ€, so to speak, in the world wide web of blogs. I am happy to hear your suggestions and aim to please, so don’t be shy! It is my pleasure to respond and discuss matters that matter to you!



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