Chronic Pelvic Pain

Your Voices: Alliance for Pelvic Pain Testimonial II

Due to the cold and snowy winter we are having, with no end in sight, and rough traveling, especially for people with chronic pelvic pain, we are moving the NYC weekend retreat to the nice warm springtime, the weekend of May 31- June 1. Join us then, and take a look at another testimonial from the retreat!

1. Which aspect(s) of the retreat do you feel benefited you the most?
The most beneficial aspects were the physical therapy exercises and workshops. Although the classes were large, the instructors still offered great personalized (and general) advice that is less effective in a print format. A close second was the mind-body workshop with Alex. It was also heart-warming to hear people’s stories; I was so glad to meet people I could finally relate to.

2. Did you use new information you received to pursue different medical or complementary treatments in the last 6 months? If yes, which treatments did you seek out and participate in?
I utilized some of the PT exercises we learned, since I don’t have access to such services where I live. I also follow Alex’s instruction on meditation throughout the day.

3. Have you made changes in your lifestyle or habits because of what you learned at the retreat?
I already changed a lot of habits before the retreat, so not really. I generally try to minimize stress.

4. Would you recommend our retreat to another person with chronic pain?

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