Pre & Post Partum

Pregnancy Possibilities?

By Riva Preil

Kudos to Rebecca Schuman for sharing her much appreciated and entertaining perspective regarding the recent New York Times pregnancy videos. The videos featured Clara Horowitz Peterson, an elite distance runner, who maintains her high level of physical activity throughout pregnancies. Clara shares several tips and techniques with viewers, and she teaches exercises to expectant mothers (Refer to video here).

In case you watched that and thought “WHAT THE HECK? There is no way that I could possibly do THAT in my X month of pregnancy,†rest assured you are not alone. Rebecca Schuman, a woman in her 29th week of pregnancy, had many insightful and humorous reflections about the videos (November 6, 2014 in Slate, entitled “Stop Fit Shaming Pregnancyâ€).

According to Schuman, the video portrays a pregnancy fitness level that is unrealistic for your average mommy-to-be. Clara raises the bar beyond a point of feasibility, and her workouts are non-relatable to most. Schuman begs, “Elite athletes of the world, please know that there is nothing I support more than you distance-running while in labor…But I really don’t want your workouts broadcast on the New York Times as if any old preggo could actually complete them.†She reminds her readers that from the ultra-marathoner to the more sedentary pregnant woman, the common denominator is that “We are all living in simultaneous joy and trepidation as we wait and hope that our babies come out healthy.†And while some women can participate in CrossFit or other intense workout routines, others are not physically capable of doing so. AND THAT’S QUITE ALL RIGHT.

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