Amy Stein, DPT, BCB-PMD


Nova Southeastern University - Davie, FL

Doctor of Physical Therapy - Dec 2013

Master’s degree in Physical Therapy-July 1999. Thesis completion.

Washington University St. Louis, MO

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, May 1996.  Spanish major.

La Universidad de Salamanca, 1994 -1995 - Salamanca, Spain


Bilingual (English and Spanish)


International Pelvic Pain Society (President), 2017

International Pelvic Pain Society (Board and Exec Board), 2008-2018

Alliance for Pelvic Pain (Founder), June ’12-current


Beyond Basics Physical Therapy Midtown,  New York, NY

Oct 2003-Present.  Owner and manager of 20 employees in midtown

Specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction, women’s health, lymphedema,   

orthopedic/sports-related injuries, and functional manual therapy. 

Beyond Basics Physical Therapy Downtown, New York, NY

March 2018-Present.  Co-owner and manager of 6 employees


Beating Endo:  How to Reclaim your Life with Endometriosis, July 2019

Healing in Urology (Co-Editor), August 2016

Heal Pelvic Pain Book, August  2008

Physical therapy: evaluation and/or treatment for the medical textbooks:

Pelvic Pain Management, May 2016

Management of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women, March 2016

The Overactive Pelvic Floor, December 2015

Female Sexual Pain Disorders:  Evaluation and Management, January 2009


Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain: the ultimate home program and guide for practitioners, April 2014


Dr. Oz-featured on Pelvic Pain, April 2014

Dr. Oz segment on Vaginismus/Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, February 2010

FEATURED, Feb 2019

Prevention Magazine, Apr ’14 & July ‘17

Sirius XM Doctor Radio, June ’15, July ’17, Aug ‘18

Elle Magazine, Sept 2013

ICA update on Physical Therapy and Modalities, June 2013

ICA Update on Physical Therapy and Yoga, May 2012

ABC’s 20/20: Female Sexual Dysfunction, August 2009

All You Magazine, Spring 2009

Fit Yoga, Winter 2008

Explore “The Journal of Science and Healing”: Ask the Experts, Vol 4. 1 Jan/Feb ‘08

Endometriosis Association Newsletter, “Physical Therapy is an effective Treatment for Endometriosis, May ’06

Advance  PT Magazine &, “Pregnant & achy? Had a baby & still hurting?”, Feb ’06

NBC News with Dr. Max Gomez, “Symptoms of Vulvodynia”, July 25 ’05 NY

NY “Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can cause Vulvar, Vaginal, Pelvic Pain”, July ‘05

NY Daily News, “Easing the Pain Below”, Apr19 2004 

New York, NY ABC”s, “Explaining Pelvic Pain”, July, 2003


BLOGTALKRADIO/Pelvic Messenger, Jan 2012-Current


Speaker for Susan G Komen Breast Cancer, Apr ‘20

Speaker and Faculty for ISSWSH, ’20, ’19, ’16, ‘12

Speaker for NYPTA, Oct ‘18

Speaker for SLS, Aug ‘18

Presidential Address IPPS, Oct ‘17

Speaker for IUGA, June ‘17

Speaker for ISSWSH, Feb ‘16

Speaker for PNA, Jan ‘15

Speaker, Founder, Organizer: Alliance for Pelvic Pain, 2013, ’14, ‘15

Speaker for PNA, Sept ‘14

Speaker for ICA Forum, PA, June ‘13

Speaker for ISSWSH, PA, Feb ‘13

Faculty for ISSWSH, PA ,June ‘12

Endometriosis Foundation, NY, Mar ‘12

Grand Rounds for the Doctors, Residents and Allied Health at Roosevelt Hospital, Mt.                                  

Sinai, NY Presbyterian, NY Cornell, Columbia, Beth Israel Medical Center, NYU Student Health Center, Downtown Women’s OB/GYN, Morristown Hospital, and Overland Park Hospital, 2001-Present

NYC’s Vulvodynia Assoc and IC support groups, 2001-Present

Lab Assist Male Pelvic Pain, NY, Nov ‘09

International Pelvic Pain Society Annual Meeting, CA, Oct ‘08

Lab Assist & Sponsor of Demystifying Pudendal Neuralgia, NY,NY, Feb ’07

NYC Pelvic Pain conference, Sept  ‘06

25TH Anniversary Endometriosis Association, October ’05

Lab Assistant Pelvic Floor Level I, November ‘05


ISSWSH, Oct ’09, June ’12, Feb ’13&‘15, Multi-sites

International Pelvic Pain Society Mtg, Aug 2003-2018, Multi-sites

Sexual Health (private class:   Holly Herman), April 2018

Vestibulodynia and Male Pelvic Pain (private class: Sara Sauder), January 20l17

Institute of Physical Art Nov ’13, Mar & Apr ‘16, Multi-sites

David Butler’s Explain Pain, May ‘11, New York, NY

Diane Lee’s Lumbopelvic , Oct ‘New York, NY

Foundations of Trigger Point Therapy, Mar ’07  Bethesda, MD

Demystifying Pudendal Neuralgia,  Feb ’07, New York, NY

Rotator Cuff of the Pelvis, Feb ’06, Tampa, FL

Endometriosis Association, Oct ’05, Milwaukee, WI

Urogenital Visceral Manipulation, Aug 2005, Chicago, IL

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Expo, Feb 2005, New York, NY

Female Sexual Dysfunction, April 2005, New York, NY

Combined Sections Meeting/APTA Feb 2005, New Orleans, LA

Obstetric Musculoskeletal Treatments, May 2004, New York, NY

Interstitial Cystitis Association Mtg Oct 2003 and 2005, Washington DC

Myofascial Trigger Points for Pelvic Dysfunction, Sept, 2003, New York , NY

Advanced Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, May 2003, Boston, Mass

Spinal mobilization & Lumbo-pelvic-hip Mob’s, Jan & June ‘03, Ft. Laud, FL

Intermediate Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & treatment Apr 2002, Boston, Mass

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Nov 2001 Baltimore, MD Spinal Stabilization, Jan 2000, New York, NY

McKenzie Course, December 1999 New York, NY

APTA Scientific Meeting and Exposition, June 1998/9, Washington DC

TMJ Seminar, Apr 1998, Davie, FL

Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Sept-Dec 1997, Davie, FL


Alliance For Pelvic Pain, International Pelvic Pain Society, International Society for the Study of Womens’ Sexual Health, National Vulvodynia Association, Interstitial Cystitis Association, Interstitial Cystitis Network, Society for Urological Nurses, American Urogynecology Association, National Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Fibromyalgia Assoc, American Physical Therapy Assoc & Section on Women’s Health, New York Physical Therapy Assoc., Alliance of Independent Physical Therapists-NY Physical Therapy Assoc.