At Beyond Basics, we are dedicated to creating awareness about health and wellness. As advocates for the benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy and physical therapy in general, we regularly offer free educational seminars to the community. Come join us and learn why healing is for every body. 

Pelvic Health 101

Self Care 101

Dance Training 101

Pediatric & Adolescent Pelvic Health 101

Functional Wellness Screening

Pelvic Health 101

FREE Educational Seminars Exploring the Pelvic Floor’s Relationship with Bladder, Bowel, & Sexual Function. 

  • Anatomy – Something’s wrong with my what? Learn the pelvic floor muscle anatomy and its relationship to bladder, bowel, and sexual function.
  • Bladder – Running to the bathroom, again? A closer look at urinary symptoms and painful bladder conditions.
  • Bowel – Why is pooping so difficult? The role of muscle coordination, toilet posture and other techniques to improve your bowel movements today.
  • Pain + Sexuality – Is it all in my head? No, it is not! Pelvic pain is highly correlated with muscle dysfunction in penis owners and vulva owners. Come learn more about the connection.

Self Care 101

FREE workshop: Learn the tips and tricks of mindfulness and movement practices for your wellbeing from a whole-body perspective.

The Nervous System and Vagus Nerve

  • Autonomic Nervous System: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
  • When your nervous system feels under threat, you don’t have a choice in how you respond
  • Taking the time to sit in what is coming up – guilt, shame, fear
  • Acknowledge what the barriers are to that – time, space
  • Practices

Breaking the Patterns

  • Factors that continue to be at play

Building positive habits

  • Conditions that may manifest when not addressing nervous system

Dance Training 101

FREE Workshop: The role of diaphragmatic breathing in pelvic floor function and overall strength + mobility to optimize your dance training.

Common pelvic conditions in dancers & diaphragmatic breathing

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)
  • Constipation

Cross training to prevent injury in dancers

  • Range of Motion
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Coordination

Pediatric & Adolescent Pelvic Health 101

FREE Workshop: From bed wetting, to accidents, to constipation, & even painful periods, learn how to manage your child’s pelvic health.

Anatomy and Function of the Pelvic Floor

  • Where is the pelvic floor and what does it do?
Would your child benefit from pelvic health physical therapy (PT)?

  • Common symptoms or complaints associated with pelvic floor dysfunction in children
What to Expect

  • What is pelvic health PT and how it can help
What You Can Do

  • Ideas for home or school

Functional Wellness Screening

FREE Wellness Screening: Join our Doctors of Physical Therapy for a complimentary Balance Test, Posture Analysis, and Movement Check.

Balance Test

  • Factors that can impact balance
  • Ways to help improve balance
  • If you can’t change some of these factors, how can you help the other systems that can make balancing easier?

Posture Analysis

  • Why is posture important?
  • Tips & tricks to improve posture?

Movement Check

  • Squat / Single leg squat
  • Lunge
  • Hip Hinge
  • Trunk Mobility / Pelvic mobility
  • Lifting Mechanics
  • Getting up from the floor
  • Breathing Check
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