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Remy, 30 years old – Pelvic Pain

When I came to Beyond Basics, I was in constant burning pain and felt like I had to pee every 20 minutes, but was having issues with hesitancy and weak flow. My PT immediately calmed my anxiety, reassured me that I was going to be okay, and gave me a game plan. She has a bright, positive, lovely energy and she's super perceptive and smart. I have enjoyed getting to know her as a person and trust her completely. I've been working with her for two months and feel so much better. My hesitancy/weak stream has gone away, and now we're working on trigger points and bladder retraining. I recommend her to all of my friends who claim that they pee way too often! 

Andrea – Sexual Pain

Sex used to be painful. And, in addition, I was dealing with chronic discharge. I saw many doctors over many years trying to understand causes and solutions for my problems. They would tell me to have a glass of wine and relax, or try changing my laundry detergent and soaps, or adjust my birth control medication. I got nowhere. Fortunately, a friend who was a labor & delivery nurse and now a midwife, recommended I see a pelvic floor specialist. I was diagnosed with dyspareunia, which I learned is the technical term for painful sex. My doctor recommended I see a pelvic floor physical therapist to deal with the tight muscles. She highly recommended Amy Stein’s practice, Beyond Basics.

When I first saw my PT, any pressure she applied to my pelvic muscles caused me extreme pain. But by the end of our time together the pain was completely gone and I was once again able to enjoy intercourse! It was life-changing! What a relief! I have since moved to California and general stress levels are much lower. However, because of my time at Beyond Basics, I am now aware of what causes my pelvic floor to contract and have the tools to keep it at bay. I speak openly with women (and some men) about my condition and they are all floored – they were completely unaware of such pelvic floor health issues and solutions. I commend Beyond Basic for raising awareness and am forever grateful for their practice.

Marika, 49 years old – Debilitating Bladder Frequency and Urgency

The work I received at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy gave me back my life. I experienced a three-month block, and then a six-month block of chronic pain and urgency. It was relentless. Having gone to several different doctors, having had every kind of invasive test, having tried all kinds of medicines, even self-catheterization, I felt no relief. Finally, I was directed to Beyond Basics. After my very first session I felt almost total relief. After a few more sessions, not only did I feel complete relief, I am now better than even before having the problem.

Miracles do happen. This is not by chance. It is by the very clear and sensitive work done by the physical therapists at Beyond Basics. My therapist worked with her hands, both externally and internally. Her work is very professional and respectful. She has a gentle, gender-neutral touch. She uses very clear specific touch for the specific problem. You feel safe. She also teaches you exercises that include both breathing and stretching that she has you do there and at home. In a sense, she gives you your own tools to both alleviate the problem if you begin sensing the beginnings of it again, and also as a preventative. The internal work is a key element for many sufferers.

Kimberly, 38 years old – Endometriosis

Six months after a laparotomy due to endometriosis, the doctor wanted to send me for surgery again. Another doctor told me that the pain could be due to scar tissue from surgery. Not wanting surgery after surgery, I looked for other alternatives. That’s when I started working with Beyond Basics. My physical therapist used pelvic floor therapy to alleviate muscle cramping and pain due to endometriosis and tissue massage to help loosen scar tissue. After working with her, I’m no longer in constant pain but have finally gained back feeling and mobility in my abdominal area. She also taught me stretching exercises to do during the week. When I feel pain coming on, which is not often anymore, instead of reaching for aspirin or running back to the doctor, I do these exercises. I would recommend Beyond Basics and pelvic floor therapy for anyone dealing with the pain of endometriosis. I feel like I have my life back, I never went back for another surgery and my jumbo size bottles of Advil, Tylenol and Tylenol PM have expired.

Don, 75 years old – Prostatitis

I was recommended to Amy for an unrelenting problem of burning in my urethra and a “conflict” between my bladder and bowel, when either was full. These problems were brought about by a seed implant therapy performed to cure my prostate cancer. The cancer was cured, but the issues described continued.

Amy did a thorough debriefing of all the issues and went back into my medical history. At the end of the assessment, she advised me that I had pelvic floor muscle tightness in addition to weakness; she was confident, based on her previous treatment of the issues I described, that she would be successful and indeed after a period of time, the issues were resolved. Physical therapy treatment, as well as my daily home program, consisted of massage techniques, stretching, cardiovascular exercise and relaxation techniques, specifically those for the pelvic floor. Once my symptoms calmed down, we eventually moved on to core strengthening and I went back to my weight training at the gym. During the course of the therapy, I developed other physical problems from my gym exercise program. I injured my right rotator cuff and then my lumbar/sacroiliac. Each injury was successfully treated.

I recommend Amy and her capable staff to anyone who seeks relief for physical symptoms through physical therapy.

Anthony, 28 years old – Pelvic Pain and Pudendal Neuralgia

I had been dealing with pelvic pain for well over five years. It was difficult to work through. I had found traditional PT to be ineffective, whereas manual therapy by a specialist in pelvic floor disorder has been very helpful in helping me regain physiological function. Traditional PT even made it worse overall, causing several big flare-ups when it was difficult for me to sit in a chair and sleep. On those days, my symptoms ranked anywhere from 5 to 9 on a scale of ten.

I had constant testicular pain and little to no sensation in the pelvic area except for feelings of bruised tenderness. Intercourse was painful, and it was always difficult to achieve orgasm; ejaculation was painful as well.

It took consulting with more than five doctors just to get a specific answer as to what was wrong. The pudendal nerve was entrapped at the Alcock channel in the pelvis, and the visceral nerves which come down from the thoracic-lumbar region had been flaring up for years. The manual PT has alleviated the pudendal pain to the point where, after four months, I am feeling much better. The visceral pain around the pelvic area and buttocks has also been helped by the manual PT. I am very happy to have regained so much sensation in that area and continue to work with the staff at Beyond Basics.

Joseph, 67 years old – Post-surgery, Erectile Dysfunction

Prior to prostate surgery, I had intermittent urinary and bowel symptoms of frequency, urgency, retention and burning. After my surgery it worsened ten-fold so that I couldn't enjoy life, and to make matters worse, I developed erectile dysfunction. Medication did not help any of my symptoms. I suffered for one year until I was finally diagnosed with a specific type of pelvic floor dysfunction, levator ani syndrome, and I was referred to Beyond Basics for physical therapy. After 5 months of continuous physical therapy, I am enjoying my family, my grandchildren, life and I have regained all sexual function.

Shannon, 39 years old – Post-partum Back Pain

I am a downtown mother of three with a busy schedule. Because of stress and a hard workout, I experienced severe lower back pain where I was unable to walk for a week. I went to Beyond Basics Physical Therapy for help. After four visits of specialized manual physical therapy (the specialized massage techniques were amazing!) and a tailored home program of exercises, I felt 100% again. I’m back at the gym doing my normal routine of CrossFit and yoga and, of course, schlepping three kids all over NYC.

Robyn, 42 years old – Orthopedic

Words can’t begin to express the fantastic results I achieved by working with the team at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy. Diagnosed with bursitis and IT Band syndrome, I could barely walk due to the extreme pain in my leg and knee, and truly thought I would no longer be able to enjoy my active lifestyle. After my first visit, I had a sense of hope and a relief from the pain, along with the comfort that I wouldn’t need surgery to fix my condition. Over a three-month period, I visited the offices once a week, while doing daily exercises that were adjusted based on my progression. The added bonus was that the therapists truly cared and listened, even going as far as to answering my questions and concerns in-between sessions via email. The combination of in-office treatment, along with the life-long tools and knowledge I developed, provided me with a recovery that I didn’t believe would ever happen. I am truly grateful to the team at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy for putting me back on track and making me even better than before.

Susanna, 53 years old – Orthopedic

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the help of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy! I felt the difference in my hip and back pain at once, and after only four sessions declared myself 98 percent improved; I would have said 100 percent, but I was afraid it would sound too miraculous. The truth is that I am a gazillion percent better, feel cheerful over my chances for hiking the big mountains again, and promise to do my exercises every day forever.

Richard, 43 years old – Painful Bladder Syndrome

Prior to visiting Beyond Basics Physical Therapy, I found that I had the urge to urinate frequently. My symptoms initially were not that bad. I noticed the urge to urinate throughout the day was increasing although my fluid intake had not. Over time the urge to go to the bathroom would be as often as every half hour. At that point I began physical therapy at Beyond Basics. As a result of the physical therapy program established, over a three-month period my symptoms were eliminated. Through the physical therapy process I learned how to better control the urge and frequency while retraining by bladder. It has improved my quality of life tremendously!

Kristina, 37 years old – Pregnancy and Pelvic Pain

I had a severe case of pelvic floor dysfunction with abdominal, hip, and back pain, and I had trouble with everyday activities like sitting, standing, working, driving, and sexual intercourse. I was finally diagnosed and referred for physical therapy. I was on several medications to help me with the pain, but I wanted to get off them to have children. I took five medications in all: Elmiron, Pyridium Plus, Lorazopam, and other bladder or pain blocker meds. 

Because my symptoms were so severe, it took several months to gradually get off the meds. Fortunately, my symptoms were improving with each passing month. I also went for acupuncture, which alleviated the pain and helped me get off some medications. Once I was off the medications, I conceived pretty quickly.

I continued my PT treatments once a week up into my third trimester. Along with these treatments, my therapist devised an exercise program for me to do at home. It let me keep my muscles intact through the pregnancy. They definitely helped! After giving birth, my symptoms are 90 percent improved. I am told that it's because the muscles are stretched out, which decreases the muscle spasms.

I have mild flare-ups here and there, but I have not been in for a treatment since the birth of my little gemstone, Alexander. I attribute this to the physical therapy and my home exercise program. And now, I have a second child, Clayton. Without my physical therapist's services, I would not have my two sons! I have Beyond Basics to thank.

A.H, 33 years old – Vulvodynia

I was concerned about traveling abroad for medical treatment but after seeing the physical therapy and allied health team and Beyond Basics Physical Therapy, I felt really happy that I had taken that leap as they were able to understand and treat my problem (vulvodynia) with ease and were obviously hugely experienced and knowledgeable. They were extremely professional and provided me with a clear plan to take home.

Judy – Pilates

My therapist at Beyond Basics was instrumental to my recovery. She planned a detailed and customized Pilates plan based on her observations of my body mechanics and posture. She used great judgment, knowledge and sensitivity. She was extremely attentive to me as I went through the strength building and corrective exercises. Most importantly, she was always supportive, reassuring and upbeat.

I am happy to report I have made great advances, and my PT was a big part of my progress.

I wholeheartedly recommend my PT. She is phenomenal and thank you to Beyond Basics for finding another great healer to add to your team.

Milo, 5 years old (as told by his parents) – Pediatric

Our son Milo had trouble going to the toilet as soon as he was out of diapers. We thought he was a bit slow potty training but at 4, he still had a lot of “accidents”. We saw a gastroenterologist for over a year but the drugs did not work. At the same time, all the exams showed that he had no physiological issues. So we started physical therapy at Beyond Basics as an alternative to drugs. Milo has been going for 4 months now, once a week – he gets massages, stretching exercises, and biofeedback. Physical therapy helped Milo be more aware of his body, to relax, and to stop holding his “stools.” The therapist also helps the parents to do the massages and stretching at home. Milo’s condition has improved steadily, without the side effects of drugs. He is now 5 ½ and has no more accidents at school which is a big relief.

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