Go beyond physical therapy

The experts at Beyond Basics are able to help heal you and bring you back to full strength, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and continuing to educate yourself on your condition is very important. As a way to help you heal and stay well, we provide resources and support to help you learn, self-heal, and thrive.

From Beyond Basics

Featuring Beyond Basics

“Conscious Talk” Podcast with Amy Stein

Dr. Oz: Exercises to Relieve Pelvic Pain videoclip featuring Amy Stein; Pelvic Pain Questionnaire developed by Amy Stein

ABC 20/20

2019 Pelvic Health Summit: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, an overview with Amy Stein, DPT

Apple Podcast: Episode #34 “Pelvic Pain Explained” with Dr. Amy Stein

Medium Magazine: “sHeroes – Helping patients reclaim their lives with endometriosis.”

Thrive Global: “sHeroes: Dr. Iris Orbuch and Dr. Amy Stein are helping patients with endometriosis.”

Wisdom in Beauty: World-renowned Pelvic Specialist on their new book “Beating Endo”

Daily Candid News “Beating Endo: How to Reclaim your life from Endometriosis”

Amy Stein on Good Morning LaLa Land on her book “Beating Endo”

Beyond Your Wildest Genes: How to reclaim your life from endometriosis, part 2

Business Mogul: Helping women reclaim their lives from endometriosis, page 16-17

SWAAY: Overcoming loneliness as a business owner

Prevention: Pelvic Pain

Prevention: Why it hurts down there

Prevention: Incontinence

Elle: “Let Who Put What Where? Finding a Cure for Pelvic Pain.” Article featuring Amy Stein

Runner’s World: Amy Stein on importance for runners of strengthening pelvic floor muscles


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