Gentle care pilates program:
In-office and virtual
private classes

“The majority of my patients benefit from Pilates. There is no better way to strengthen the core muscles in an appropriate and functional manner. Pilates exercises, when done with an instructor with special training regarding the pelvic floor, is safe and effective in returning to health and pain-free function when you have pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.”

— Corey Hazama, PT, DPT, OCS, CFMT, PRPC, WCS, co-founder of BBPT.

Our one-on-one Pilates program focuses on pelvic floor rehab, pre-natal/post-partum care, orthopedic, sports and dance-related injuries. And if you have pelvic floor or chronic pain concerns, this program is a perfect supplement to your physical therapy treatment plan.

These private sessions will guide you through Pilates exercises and adapt or modify techniques based on your needs. We welcome outside clients and non-patients of all experience levels.

Studio Facilities

Our bright, open physical therapy gym comes equipped with professional exercise mats, a studio-grade Balanced Body Pilates Reformer and Springboard apparatus, and an array of traditional and non-traditional Pilates accessories.


We offer competitive pricing for our expert Pilates program. Save by purchasing 5 or 10-session packages for both in-office and virtual visits.
Please call us for in-office sessions pricelist. 

Benefits of Pilates

More versatile, supportive breathing

Coordination of mind, body, and spirit

Improved posture

Leaner, longer appearance

Core muscle stabilization

Muscle flexibility

Stronger muscles

Better balance

Improved motor control

Relaxation and mental focus

Decreased pain

Improved kinesthetic awareness
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