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The Pelvic Messenger

The Pelvic Messenger

Elisabeth Oas and NFP “Freedoms Children” are partnered to produce a series of educational documentaries about Chronic Pelvic Pain, for PBS.

“THE FACE OF CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN”: focus on Interstitial Cystitis

Is currently looking for patient stories

Patients must be willing to be on camera. Names may remain anonymous

We are looking for patients who are either under 35 with severe pelvic pain that is inclusive of IC : OR patients who are over 35 but have had their symptoms since they were young.

We are currently looking for video submissions that will be used to create our 10 minute trailer/preview for the film.

This 10 min. film segment will be used at Fundraisers, inside application packages, and be put on websites for The Pelvic Messenger, and Freedoms Children for Donations.

Please consider sending in a video. This is a chance to use your pain to truly make a difference in our community, in future generations, and in our present situation. The time for change is NOW. We MUST come together, work to raise awareness nationally and push for change

Please email : [email protected] or call 312-890-7100 for more details

We will give you the exact questions to answer, and where to send your video submission.

Get help now from a pelvic floor therapist.

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