Pediatric & Adolescent Health Services

Providing pelvic floor physical therapy services for children.


At Beyond Basics, we take a holistic approach to your child’s pelvic floor treatment and pediatric & adolescent care. While pelvic floor issues are very common in children, the good news is that pelvic floor PT can help. We strive to restore their quality of life and eliminate their symptoms.

Pediatric & Adolescent Pelvic Floor Conditions We Treat

  • Daytime urinary incontinence
  • Bowel incontinence
  • Bed-wetting
  • Constipation
  • Withholding and/or painful bowel movements or urination
  • Abdominal pain and bloating
  • Pain surrounding menstruation
  • Pain with tampon use

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Kids?

Pediatric pelvic floor physical therapy caters to children 17 years or younger who are experiencing symptoms with their bladder and bowel, as well as other pelvic issues. Pelvic floor PT aims to correct these issues by addressing the muscles of the pelvic floor and surrounding areas through a combination of treatments including hands-on treatment, therapeutic exercises, movement and posture training, and educational interventions.

How does Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Present in Children

Pelvic floor dysfunction in children can occur following physical or psychological stressors, delays in gross motor milestones, chronic holding of bowel or bladder, toilet training difficulty, painful bowel movements, poor core stability or hip dysfunction.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can occur when the pelvic floor muscles, tissues, or nerves are tightened, weakened, overactive, lack coordination or injured (either by trauma or chronic strain). It can also occur as a result of poor alignment, posture, pelvic anatomy, overuse, or dysfunctional movement. This can contribute to poop or pee accidents, constipation, tummy issues, bed-wetting, and pelvic pain. Issues with the pelvic floor may also be related to potty-training issues.

The pelvic floor muscles surround the urethra, rectum, vagina, and prostate, so dysfunction with the pelvic floor can contribute to urinary problems, bowel difficulties, and many other uncomfortable ailments in children. The Beyond Basics team utilizes a variety of treatment tools including external manual therapy to help mobilize your child’s muscles and provide them with symptom relief. We utilize a combination of the following for treatment:

  • Myofascial release
  • Trigger point release
  • Connective tissue release
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Biofeedback techniques
  • Gentle mobilization of organs to improve function
  • Cold laser/heat/cold therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Movement and Posture Retraining

What To Expect

Initial Pelvic Physical Therapy Appointment

Your child’s first appointment with our physical therapy team at Beyond Basics will begin with us asking questions in order to learn more about their pain and symptoms, as well as their medical history. This also provides us with the background and context we need to better understand their body and specific symptoms.

There’s no medication or surgery involved, and treatment is always done with a physical therapist trained in pediatric pelvic floor issues. An initial evaluation is performed in a private room with the child and parent or guardian present the entire time. The physical therapist will start by gathering information about your child’s current and past medical history and other factors that may be contributing to their pelvic floor issues. We will then perform a movement exam to assess the mobility, strength and coordination of the pelvic region and surrounding areas, such as the abdomen, back and hips. A pelvic floor exam may be performed if both you and your child are comfortable. The exam is completely external and may consist of observation or biofeedback of the pelvic floor muscles with the purpose being to trace your child’s issue to its source(s) in order to alleviate symptoms. We want both you and your child to be as comfortable as possible and you have the right to refuse any treatment at any time without an explanation. Your PT will also provide education and exercises that your child will need to practice at home. The home exercise program will take a few minutes each day. It’s very important for your child to practice their home program as prescribed by the PT in order for them to fully heal.

Additional Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Appointments

Each session at Beyond Basics is one hour long one on one with the physical therapist. We’ve found this is the ideal amount of time for the clarity, consistency, and results we are looking to help your child obtain. During the session, the physical therapist may do a combination of treatments that may include manual therapy (hand-on), therapeutic exercises or activities, educational interventions, and updating or modifying your child’s home program. 

Your child’s symptoms should start to improve within 4 to 8 weeks (or sooner). Just like any other muscle, pelvic floor muscles can become sore following a new exercise routine, so it’s normal if your child experiences some discomfort after the first few sessions. Your PT will always explain to you what to expect.


Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services

We also offer pediatric orthopedic physical therapy services, which can include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Muscle strengthening and conditioning
  • Range of motion exercises

Client Testimonials

Ismeta Cekic
00:13 05 Dec 23
Leese Hamilton
15:42 16 Nov 23
Incredibly caring, experienced and professional. Highly recommended.
Joanne Sandler
00:13 11 Nov 23
Makela is an amazing PT. The office staff is wonderful and the space is great. Highly recommend.
Yassmin Dehesh
16:46 02 Nov 23
Danielle Santora saved my life! I have made more progress working with her than any other PT. She’s incredibly kind, always willing to meet you where you’re at but not afraid to push you to be better. I would not be anywhere close to where I am today without her detailed and consistent guidance.
Lisa Duggan
22:52 26 Oct 23
Rachel at Beyond Basics downtown is an outstanding, highly skilled, patient, kind and dedicated physical therapist. I love going to see her, she helps me so much. *Highly* recommended!
Stan S
01:07 18 Oct 23
Sonali is outstanding. She is very knowledgible and helpful. Plus, very pleasant.
Zoe Wood
23:20 17 Oct 23
Zoe Wood
23:20 17 Oct 23
Cindy C
23:07 17 Oct 23
I was afraid to go out because of my overactive bladder.  Vivian Zhang saved my life.  My life improved tremendously after spending two months with her.She is very patient, knowledgeable, and professional.  She spends a full hour with me which I could not find in any other physical therapy.  She gave me so much attention and continued to look for the root cause of my problems.  She explains the purpose of the exercises.  She teaches me the exercises and makes sure I do it correctly.  She will check my understanding in the next session to make sure I do it correctly.  If I don’t do it correctly, she will find another way to explain to me and check my understanding.   All other physical therapy just spends 30 minutes on me and leaves me alone to do the exercises myself.  They don’t check to see if I am doing it correctly.  Before coming to Beyond Basic, I was in another physical therapy for a year and was not able correct my overactive bladder problem.  I am so lucky to have found Vivian and Beyond Basic.
France Choa
18:35 11 Oct 23
You don't take my insurance.
Yasamin Bahadorzadeh
12:49 03 Oct 23
Very clean. Therapists are super friendly and extremely professional. Very knowledgeable and walk you through everything.
Lisa Nachtigall
11:25 27 Sep 23
Gary Fidel
15:24 26 Sep 23
Excellent in all respects. The therapists are dedicated professionals who go above and beyond to help you deal with your issues.
bonnie kellen
02:18 14 Sep 23
Top notch therapists, excellent care, Carson great.
15:04 08 Sep 23
When I came to Beyond Basics I had already been to a couple PTs before with limited success.Working with Carson Judkins, PT, DPT, PRPC was completely different from my previous experiences. Carson took the time to listen to my specific concerns and develop a program of exercises that helped me meet my personal goals.I have regained so much functionality by working with Carson and have become much more confident in my body and myself. Cannot recommend her enough as a PT!
Lita Aeder
22:53 06 Sep 23
Great care
04:03 01 Sep 23
Jan Sarro
16:29 25 Aug 23
One more session of relief and the promise of more flexibility and mobility and the fulfillment of all the goals I set out to achieve with Iris! At her gentle coaxing, and calm, careful and CARING concern for my well being now - and as we continue on our journey toward healing, the happy future - I feel heard, understood and so well taken care of that I, for the first time in such a long time, I can't count - feel that I am going to feel better enough to celebrate and rejoice! THANK YOU, IRIS! You make me feel like I've got a whole better future ahead of me - and I so appreciate you!
Claudia Devitt
15:18 16 Aug 23
Stopping putting this off and just make an appointment! Extremely knowledgeable and caring staff who want to see improvement in their patients lives. I saw Shana and would highly recommend her.
Maddy Hoffman
23:41 06 Aug 23
Superb and attentive care. Highly recommended!
Joseph Rauch
02:05 03 Aug 23
I've been going to Beyond Basics since 2018. Their team has been great. They've helped me with several of my severe chronic health conditions, as well as recovering from a surgery. Right now I'm working with Devon, and I highly recommend her.
Romy Sharma
23:02 02 Aug 23
Shana is incredible at what she does! Seeing her weekly at Beyond Basics has been pivotal in my pelvic floor physical therapy journey. Plus this office is incredibly conveniently located. 10/10 would recommend!
Amanda Taylor
13:55 20 Jul 23
Teri Barbero
12:20 20 Jul 23
Kind, compassionate therapist!
Mary Callahan
22:46 18 Jul 23
I've really appreciated my experience so far at Beyond Basics, working with Makela. I was nervous going into pelvic floor physical therapy and she was respectful and considerate of my hesitation. She also makes a great effort to connect with other members of my treatment team, which makes me feel like I'm being supported holistically. I have already noticed improvement in my daily life, and I'm very grateful!
Aashish Kumar
13:01 14 Jul 23
I’ve been seeing Vivian Zhang for almost a month now for chronic lower back pain. Her approach from the get-go has been based on translating my narrative of symptoms into a comprehensive treatment plan, combining targeted exercises, corrective behaviors, and skillful musculoskeletal manipulation. After almost a year of suffering pain I can finally see the end! Beyond Basics justifies their name. To speak nothing of those rockstar plants in the waiting area!
Justine Larbalestier
12:59 11 Jul 23
Beyond Basics has the best physical therapists I've been to in NYC. They've provided the best treatment for chronic fibromyalgia, reducing my pain & increasing my functionality enormously. Highly recommended.
Arleny Gonzalez
19:25 29 Jun 23
I had known about pelvic floor therapy for more than year before making my first appointment. My only regret is not booking my appointment sooner. Pelvic PT has helped me overcome a long-standing issue, and it has been life-changing.From the moment I walked in, the team made me feel welcomed and supported. They took the time to understand my concerns and designed a personalized treatment plan just for me.Vivian used a holistic approach, combining various techniques and exercises to address my pelvic floor concerns. With her guidance, I regained control and experienced a remarkable improvement in my symptoms.What impressed me the most was her caring and empathetic approach. She created a safe space where I could openly discuss my concerns, and she provided exceptional support throughout the entire journey.I am forever grateful to Beyond Basics. If you're struggling with pelvic floor issues, don't hesitate to seek their help. They are truly outstanding in their care and commitment to patient well-being.
Maria Rial
07:02 13 Jun 23
I am working with Devon who is the epitome of expertise. She is knowledgeable, caring and patient. My experience at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy has been outstanding.
Courtney Ruple
00:55 08 Jun 23
I can’t stress how amazing this facility and their staff is. Always with an abundance of knowledge to offer. PT via Beyond Basics is life changing and brings the client hope.
Manon Vergerio
02:26 01 Jun 23
Beyond Basics has been nothing short of transformative in my health journey. After years of having my pain dismissed by various doctors, I found an OBGYN who identified that I had a hypertonic pelvic floor and should seek pelvic floor physical therapy.I searched on Google and am so grateful I came across Beyond Basics - this is truly an outstanding place if you are looking for pelvic floor experts. I have never encountered such holistic, patient-affirming care before.I was fortunate to be matched with Joanna, one of their incredible physical therapists. Joanna is so knowledgeable and an absolute joy to work with. She is not only a very skilled pelvic floor therapists, she is also patient, incredibly emotionally intelligent, and funny, and could brighten up even the worst day in my long healing journey with the crack of a joke.Thanks to Joanna and Beyond Basics, I have learned so much about my body and have developed concrete tools and pelvic floor relaxation techniques. I feel empowered in my own journey and it was worth every cent !I will say that while the price of sessions can feel daunting, they do make an effort to make pelvic health more accessible through a sliding scale and spacing out sessions. Their goal is not to make you dependent on their physical therapists, but to help you develop tools and skills so you can take control of your own health and live a pain-free life.I cannot recommend Beyond Basics enough. I hope one day all women will know about pelvic floor physical therapy and be able to access this amazing practice !
Karla Lopez
13:39 26 May 23
At Beyond Basics I found the help I needed for my Postpartum recovery after a traumatic delivery. Little did I know all the benefits I could get from pelvic floor PT. Here I learned a lot of tools to have a better pelvic health and improve my wellbeing. I really recommend pelvic floor PT to all women! This will help you for life.Vivian has been my PT and she is great! She has helped me in a lot of ways, physically and emotionally, she’s caring and very knowledgeable.Also, the girls from front desk are very kind.Beyond basics is a great place!
Katie Kuntzman
19:25 19 May 23
My experience with Beyond Basics has truly been life changing!After having a variety of symptoms without a true diagnosis for months, I found Beyond Basics, and, while I was completely unfamiliar with pelvic floor physical therapy before going there, I quickly realized the benefits even after my first session.I've now been working with Vivian Zhang for almost a year, and I am continuously amazed by her work. Out of all of the medical professionals that I've worked with in the past, Vivian has shown the most care and interest in my well being. Healing is definitely a journey, and Vivian has shown the utmost respect and patience for me as I work through ups and downs of my personal path. With Vivian, I feel like I have a trusted resource and someone who genuinely listens to me, and that has made such a difference in my recovery.I cannot thank Vivian, and Beyond Basics as a whole, enough for the improvement that they've made to my quality of life and I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is even remotely considering pelvic floor PT!
Khin Myint
23:30 18 May 23
Mary Crawford
05:55 12 May 23
Ann Marie Reddington
14:08 10 May 23
My therapist, Sonali Patel has a very thoughtful approach. She gives time and attention to my treatment plan. I am in very good hands. And most importantly I've had positive results. Thank you so much.
20:38 05 May 23
I had a great experience with PT Eliza (recommended by my pelvic rehab Dr.) She found out the source of the problem and helped with massages and simple but very effective exercise plans. I still keep doing them at home and even my chronic headaches are gone! She’s also kind, knowledgable and a great listener.
08:39 05 May 23
Eliza was so great to work with. She was very helpful. She is caring and compassionate. She helped me feel better. Grateful for all of her support. Can’t say enough good things. Would be better if they accepted insurance though.
sara adelstein
23:03 01 May 23
Barry Schiller
23:24 25 Apr 23
Beyond Basics PT identified my needs and listened to my concerns as well as planned a treatment regimen that addressed the fundamental causes of my issues. Makayla knowledge regarding body mechanics is extraordinary.
JoAnna Rodriguez
01:05 15 Mar 23
Beyond Basics is the pelvic floor PT by which all other therapy should be judged. They are professional, kind, organized, accommodating and innovative. They helped my daughter rehab from very involved pelvic floor surgery and got her to a great place. We moved to L.A. and it was nothing but a struggle to find someplace that even came close to Beyond Basics. If you have the opportunity to go to Beyond Basics do!
donal farley
16:08 01 Mar 23
I needed a specialized pt called pelvic floor therapy following rectal surgery. I found Vivian Zhang a very able and knowledgeable therapist at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy on William Street in lower Manhattan. After six weekly one hour sessions, I had a significant improvement in returning to a normal life. Vivian was very clear in her instructions, provided illustrated email instructions for at-home exercises and was available via email as needed. She was also very patient and kind with this 87 year old client.
Caitlyn West
01:00 16 Feb 23
Dr. Spielman and the Beyond Basic staff are amazing. The front desk is kind, friendly and very helpful when booking appointments.Dr. Spielman is a life saver. She helped me at a time when I had experienced months of debilitating pain. I had seen multiple specialists and tried various medications to no avail.Dr. Spielman was the first doctor to diagnose me with an overly tight pelvic floor. She has helped me with workouts, stretches and provided me with important anatomical information on my road to recovery.I am so grateful for her and I can't recommend both Dr. Spielman and Beyond Basics enough!
15:52 11 Feb 23
They took me from a high level of discomfort to pain free and I am very grateful! Beyond Basics is a highly professional and talented group of people in a field that often goes undiagnosed and should have broader reach and recognition. From the front office to the healthcare providers they are terrific. Thank you all so much!
stacia kargman
14:34 10 Feb 23
Very caring and knowledge PT. Clean and efficient office. Learning alot!
20:24 09 Feb 23
I received excellent care at Beyond Basics
Elka Gould
12:01 09 Feb 23
A lot of things going on in the pelvic floor. It’s interesting to learn how to relax and heal muscles in this area. My PT Carson Judkins is great, she is an excellent physiotherapist and listener.
Donald Fleck
02:10 07 Feb 23
I went to the 42nd Street unit of Beyond Basics and found the whole experience excellent. Carson was my physical therapist.She is knowledgeable and easy to be around while learning exercises to get the pelvic floor working better.
01:41 07 Feb 23
I have been a patient at the Beyondbasics PT for almost 3 years and they successfully helped me with both the pelvic floor and orthopedic issues.I have health issues and I have used several physical therapists in the past.Beyond Basics is the best!!They were recommended to me by my doctorsAnd I am grateful for the recommendations.Beyondbasics PTs are knowledgeable, attentive, patient and kind.Front desk representatives are very friendly and kind.Thank you
Mark Scheflen
00:26 19 Jan 23
I am extremely grateful for Ekta's work. She figured out a complex problem within 2 visits. Importantly, I now understand the problem and know what to do to fix it. I went to so many medical specialists and Pelvic PT's and they couldn't figure out problem. I highly recommend Beyond Basics a perfect name.
lois jewell
18:22 17 Jan 23
Carson Judson is my therapist and my hero. Getting to the office from NJ is a challenge by car, but other transportation is not currently an option for me. Carson is why the trip is worth the effort. She is totally adaptable to whatever my condition is on a given day. Having had numerous surgeries over time, getting to a starting point for working my body back to a fully functioning machine feels overwhelming to me. But Carson just smiles and says, "Do you feel like trying this?" And there she is with exactly the right suggestion. As a result, I am so optimistic!
Nancy R
09:55 31 Dec 22
Iris was so caring and gentle with me (even sending me advice and pictures of exercises) I can't thank her enough!
Natalie Valentine
20:23 30 Dec 22
Excellent treatment, knowledgeable therapist. Very informative and comfortable experience.
Esther Gopin
15:47 21 Dec 22
Joanna was super helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. Would absolutely recommend!
Frances Engoron
22:58 03 Nov 22
Great care - wonderful therapists. Head and shoulders above most other Physical Therapy practices.
Larry Lane
21:53 28 Oct 22
Eliza Etter is a wonderful physical therapist: knowledgeable, skilled, empathic, eager to help. I had a great experience working with her and recommend her enthusiastically.
Jillian Dowd
23:17 19 Oct 22
My experience at beyond basics physical therapy has been great. My weekly sessions with Vivian have been extremely helpful. She is kind and patient, as she takes the time to answer any and all questions you may have.
Amanda Ramsdell
13:32 15 Oct 22
I can’t say enough about what a valuable experience it has been starting Pelvic PT at Beyond Basics with Vivian. I finally decided to try pelvic PT after 6 yrs post partum! I had been told several times it was unlikely to be effective and was hesitant to even try. I am utterly amazed by what a difference it has made after only a few months. Vivian helped to educate and correct a lot of misinformation I received over the years and was incredibly encouraging with very clear and doable instruction. I can’t thank her enough! This has really changed my quality of life and given me hope.
13:03 12 Oct 22
I'm having a wonderful experience at Beyond Basics. The secretaries are so sweet and PT Joanna is exceptionally knowledgeable, compassionate, patient and thorough!
Courtney Ng
00:04 09 Oct 22
This place is awesome! I attended their functional wellness event and all of the doctors were so nice. The admin who organized the event made everything run smoothly and organized little gift bags for us. Everything was done with care and I so appreciate the focus on preventative approaches to wellness. I learned so much about my posture, balance, and movement patterns. Highly recommend visiting here!
Monica Lustgarten
12:34 24 Sep 22
I’ve been seeing Iris Platt, and my experience has been excellent. Not only is she super knowledgeable, she also makes you feel comfortable, listens to you, and makes sure the plan works for you. Everyone so far has been great, but Iris is amazing!
Beatriz J.
14:24 14 Sep 22
I’m sorry I would like to give five stars because of the Pelvic Floor Therapist but unfortunately the receptionist made me give two stars. Jariza is the most unprofessional receptionist I have ever encountered. From the beginning of the conversation she seems very cold with rude tone . If you work on this kind of platform please have some sympathy towards patients if you can’t do that I will recommend to get another job some where your manners don’t matter!
Kate Lammie
23:51 26 Aug 22
Carson is the best!
Janna Kaplowitz
12:11 25 Aug 22
The therapists at beyond basics are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I have seen a lot of progress since I have started treatment there.
Joan Lapp
00:39 19 Aug 22
Devon is an exceptional therapist - knowledgable, thorough and highly sensitive. She succeeded in putting me at ease from the first visit and ensured that I understood the treatment plan and expected outcomes. She has been consistently encouraging and totally professional. I highly recommend her care at Beyond Basics.
Seneca Rasey
20:21 27 Jul 22
Cannot say enough positive things about Beyond Basics!!! Fiona is an incredible physical therapist and has truly changed my life. She is so knowledgable and empathetic, genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her patients, and is excited to figure out what works for your body and your lifestyle to create a program that will actually stick with you in the long term. The entire staff is welcoming and at the top of their game. I also really appreciate their inclusivity and activism with the LGBTQ+ community, this is not common practice in healthcare although it should be!
Mike McMorrow
20:35 19 Jul 22
I'm very pleased with my therapist, Sonali Patel, who is thoughtful, serious, thorough, and professional, yet still manages to be friendly and approachable. She has asked insightful questions, made important observations, and quickly produced results!
Payten Tucciarone
22:42 12 Jul 22
the most attentive care and informative sessions. Provide lots of at home exercises. Been a month an already seeing progress. The front desk staff are kind and helpful just as the therapists! Worth every penny!
Sarah Lucas
18:45 30 Jun 22
I was referred to Beyond Basics for my pelvic floor pain. Initially, I found this to be a personal and somewhat awkward situation. However, Alex was a wonderful therapist who worked to help ease my pain and increase my quality of life. She was very patient and detailed with my personalized curriculum, and made every session a calm and comfortable experience. I highly recommend Alex and Beyond Basics!
Julie Cohn
12:53 12 May 22
The care I received from Sonali at Beyond Basics PT was incredible. She instantly made me feel at ease, listened intently, and tailored exercises to my specific needs. I saw results following my initial evaluation and ongoing results with subsequent sessions. I cannot recommend Sonali and Beyond Basics enough!
Martin Zuckerman
18:38 11 May 22
Sonal Patel has been an excellent physical therapy instructor. She has encouraged me and helped me to make very good progress. She is very pleasant to work with. She encourages you and figures out what your difficulties are. I highly recommend her. The office at Beyond Basics is very pleasant and the people there are very cooperative.
Peter Bye
18:37 13 Mar 22
Beyond Basic Physical Therapy is a fantastic choice for pelvic floor PT. I had done PT elsewhere with no real benefit. My surgeon at New York Presbyterian suggested trying "real" (his word) physical therapy at Beyond Basics since it might obviate the need for further surgery. I made an appointment at the Beyond Basics Midtown location for an evaluation. The surgeon was right. Everyone at Beyond Basics is friendly and supportive. All their physical therapists have great credentials. I worked with Iris Platt who is a truly outstanding physical therapist. Iris is everything and more that one wants and needs in a physical therapist. She inspires and generates trust, and is professional, expert in the field including best practices, easy to speak with and discuss sensitive topics, persevering, and determined to treat the whole person and identify and treat the root causes of what ails you. Iris has an uncanny ability to explain things clearly and to suggest practical ways to find the muscles needed for a particular activity, exercise, or stretch. It is a pleasure working with Iris. I highly recommend Beyond Basics Physical Therapy and Iris.
Annastasia Mercedes
17:04 02 Mar 22
My goal was to find a pelvic floor PT while I was pregnant so that I could already have an established relationship with them for when I thought I’d need them the most post-partum. Alex has been my therapist pre and post pregnancy and I could not feel luckier! I consider myself to be a tricky client and she listened to all my needs and somehow always figured out how to address the many issues I came into the office with. (emphasis on the BEYOND!) One day I came into the office barely able to walk on my own. I was in an immense amount of pain. I was terrified that I’d be limited like this for the remainder of my pregnancy, but Alex swooped in and saved me in the hour we spent together. I’ll never forget it. Her care goes beyond (see it’s true- this practice is so aptly named, I can’t help myself. ) our time together in the office. I’ve never had a physical therapist genuinely check up on me. My treatment plan is always clearly articulated through email after each appointment and I never hesitated to reach out to her with any questions in between visits. If you are on the fence, this practice and this therapist are well worth your time and money! If you are looking to take good care of yourself, this is the place to help you do it!
Diana Saric
19:46 03 Feb 22
Long overdue review, for the BEST Therapy Center I have been to for my pelvic floor issues. My therapist was Alexandra and you should run (not walk) to see her if you need Pelvic Floor Therapy. I'm sure she is wonderful for other ailments, however, this review is based on my experience for pelvic floor therapy. I have been to a number of different treatment centers and none encompass a comprehensive approach to your problem to improve your situation more than Beyond Basics. They do not just focus on the area of your pain and/or trouble spot, but treat all your connected areas with stretches, exercises and manual therapy. It was the most "all around approach" treatment I have received from all hospitals and therapy centers I have been to in the NYC area for pelvic floor therapy since my endometrial cancer diagnosis in 2016. The center is clean, spacious and efficient staff. I highly recommend Beyond Basics and esp Alexandra!! (for pelvic floor therapy)
Beatrice Findlay
03:40 11 Jan 22
My normal life activities were becoming increasingly difficult and sometimes painful. Since I am 80 years old I though I was stuck with this until I started my program at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy. My physiotherapist Alex is terrific. Besides being very easy and pleasant to work with she is very knowledgeable on how all the muscles work. She gives me excellent explanations so I understand what we are doing and why. She doesn't just focus on the pelvic floor muscles but includes anything that has an effect on the area including how I breathe. Nobody else has ever looked at that! After each appointment with her I experience improvement. The exercises she has trained me to do are making a real difference in my pelvic area, core muscles, posture, my back and as a result, my life. I totally recommend Alex and Beyond Basics for anyone with pelvic floor issues.
Lenore Smykowski
21:59 19 Dec 21
When my former physical therapist relocated, I requested Iris Platt to be my new PT.I found her to be intelligent, dedicated and compassionate. She is very skilled and knowledgable and each week pushed me out of my comfort zone. I gained not only strength, but also the confidence in my ability to improve, under her care. I always felt encouraged and empowered after our sessions.I highly recommend Iris without any reservation!
Nancy Hollander
22:14 08 Dec 21
I highly recommend Iris Platt at Beyond Basics. She is knowledgeable, understanding and extremely helpful. Her exercises are helping me make good progress. I doubt you will find a better PT anywhere>
Dana LoCascio
15:13 24 Nov 21
Devon is the most caring and attentive therapist. She is thorough and attentive and her first priority is helping her patient. I highly recommend Devon and Beyond Basics PT.
Judith Shifera
22:11 04 Oct 21
Sonali is a wonderful physical therapist. After dealing with a lifelong condition, meeting her has allowed me to see remarkable improvement in just a few weeks. She listens and is very empathetic. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very good at her job. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Donna Gitter
13:12 07 Sep 21
Devon takes a thorough history, is compassionate, and teaches exercises you can do at home to hasten your healing.
Linda Pryde
22:23 01 Sep 21
I’ve been very impressed by my physical therapist Somali. She’s not only a great diagnostician but an outstanding teacher as well! I know I’m in very capable hands here.
14:13 20 Aug 21
Devon is amazing. Finally getting the right physical therapy to fix a two-year+ back issue. I actually look forward to treatment every week. She is very skilled and knowledgeable about anatomy and body mechanics…and how to fix dysfunction. Highly recommend Devon Beyond Basics.
Rebekah AHN
01:36 04 May 21
It was the best experience! I highly recommend this place. I have pelvic pain after delivering baby. I like my therapist ekta. She helped me so much! She is so talented and she made my hip joint pain go away and my shoulder got better! I’m so glad I tried it out.
Maria Palma
08:41 23 Apr 21
CANNOT RECOMMEND HIGHLY ENOUGH!!!! Kathryn Maykish was who I worked with there and she was incredible! It's literally the #1 thing I recommend to anyone who is pregnant...get someone great like Kathryn right away. She helped me learn how to use my body for birth and also helped me throughout the recovery to get my abs and body back the way I wanted to. I learned so much and she also helped throughout my whole pregnancy to manage pain and discomfort. She was always extremely responsive and helpful, even we had to adjust to remote because of COVID. saver!!
04:51 28 Feb 21
I have been a patient at the Beyondbasics PT for almost 3 years and they successfully helped me with both the pelvic floor and orthopedic issues.I have health issues and I have used several physical therapists in the past.Beyond Basics is the best!!They were recommended to me by my doctorsAnd I am grateful for the recommendations.Beyondbasics PTs are knowledgeable, attentive, patient and kind.When I needed the PT treatment again in April 2020, I was not even sure if it is possible without manual therapy.But I was wrong. Physical therapist Tina Cardenia is able to provide great help to me thru telehealth sessions.She showed me the massage and various exercises and she was able to see what I was doing wrong and correct me.She is very professional, attentive, knowledgeable and patient.Billing specialist Yarisa have put a lot of efforts in organizing telehealth sessions and talking to my insurance providers.Front desk representatives are very friendly and kind.Thank you
Elaine Gould
14:32 07 Jan 21
Beyond Basics is a fabulous resource for anyone with pelvic pain or disfunction. Finally, I found someone who both understands and has solutions! All the PTs on staff are experts in their work. I have been treated by Alex and she honed in immediately on my issues and I have had temendous relief. She is empathetic and highly professional. I highly recommend the practice.
Marge Heching
15:08 21 Dec 20
Alex is friendly and knowledgeable and informative.
Nocando4u2 Jones
12:06 10 Dec 20
Went in for shoulder pain and so happy I did. I feel much better now
Wanda Wallace
16:02 16 Nov 20
Fiona is amazing! Without a doubt the best PT I have ever worked with and I have worked with a few. Clearly knows what she is doing - super friendly and very patient. She figured out what was happening even when the referring physician missed it.
Rossa Ruiz
14:48 10 Oct 20
Great experience and great service, starting on the phone and front desk. Huge progress in only 2 sessions with my physical therapist Mary.
Joanna Pruess
17:03 05 Oct 20
Beyond Basics is a very positive, supportive And clean physical therapy facility. I cannot praise Kathryn Ahuja enough for her wisdom and techniques that have been very helpful.
Robert Fisher
16:31 08 Jul 20
DREAM: Physical Therapist needed who would have magic in her fingers, brilliance in her brain, with positive vibes that would translate into positive energy---a trusted guide, psychologist, and ally all-in-one, her friendliness and gentle sensitivity desperately needed to put a patient riddled with dis-ease totally at ease. REALITY: Molly Caughlan.Beyond Basics PT (42nd Street branch) is so lucky to have this gal on staff---being with Molly is a gift, as I’ve learned in the past three months. I had to be one of her toughest challenges. After two decades of life-denying pain I still didn’t have an official diagnosis: Pudendal Neuralgia? Shingles in the pelvic area? Sciatica?The end result? Pain whose intensity often made me look like Edward Munch’s The Scream. Ten years ago, relief appeared in the form of Methadone (7 daily pills with, alas, analgesic fatigue now setting in). Worse, I look like a human pipe-cleaner, as the only thing I ever exercised was my….opinion. So you can imagine how riddled with uneasiness I was at the idea of serious hands-on PT, let alone (gulp) hands-IN PT, for some of my trigger-points lay within the perineum area.Well, within the first ten minutes, Molly---a blonde and oh-so-pretty vision---made me feel like a bestie, sizing up the medical situation by comparing me to a knot in a sneaker shoe-lace. Our sessions were delightful, a mix of humor (she compared the grouping of nerves of my main neurological channels to Swizzlers), insight---before long, my tendons were whispering their secrets to her---and on-the-spot smarts: because of my rather odd anatomy, she created “bespoke” variations for me from the exercises in Amy Stein’s indispensable Heal Pelvic Pain book.Battle-scared veteran of four nerve blocks, two ablations, three cord blocks, ten Ultra-sounds, and six urologists, I give Molly five very enthusiastic stars! With chronic ailments like mine, sadly, there is no “cure,” only “management,” but her PT regimen really helped me, both physically and emotionally. So, if you’re looking for a true “healer,” book now and put yourself in the very good hands of Molly Caughlan.
Helene Young
20:50 11 Mar 20
I was referred to Beyond Basics Physical Therapy by a physician who recommended pelvic floor therapy for my IBS/anorectal pain. I started therapy with Julia Rosenthal at the 42nd Street location. Julia was extremely responsive and tested numerous approaches until we found ones that worked for me. We eventually ended my pelvic floor sessions (after a few months) because I was sufficiently improved. I returned to Julia for her help with arthritic stiffness in my knees; Julia had first sent me to an excellent orthopedist who agreed to refer me back for physical therapy for this problem. After a few sessions, I am already experiencing an improvement. I can recommend Julia and the staff at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy (everyone is professional and friendly!) without reservation.
Vasudha Viswanath
18:01 22 Feb 20
I have been seeing Kathryn Maykish at Beyond Basics for postnatal PT for over 4 months now and cannot say enough good things! She has a holistic, compassionate and positive approach and makes you feel comfortable day 1. I have learnt so much from her about how to get stronger and recommend her and this practice to anyone looking to do the same.
Peter Ginsberg
17:02 21 Feb 20
I can't say enough good things about Kathryn Maykish and the rest of the team at Beyond Basics. I've seen lots of PTs for countless sports injuries and Kat is far and away the best. Kat takes a holistic approach to getting me fit and understands that no injury is in pure isolation. She genuinely cares about getting me healthy and is fun to be around.
Ben Silverbush
12:53 14 Nov 19
Molly Caughlan is a clinician's clinician. When I first started treatment with her, I was waking up 6-7 times/night, often with sternal pain - which was only relieved by going to the bathroom. I'd had this problem for years, and no MDs could figure out what to do. Molly helped me realize I had tight pelvic floor muscles that needed to be loosened before strengthening, other muscles that were too tight/weak, trigger points at my diaphragm and lower back, impaired breathing, and that I was putting too much weight on one side. I needed manual therapy and to be compliant with my home program. Now, I'm only only waking up 1-2x/night and am typically feeling it in the right place when I need to go to the bathroom. With continued practice of my home program, I'm confident, I'll return to waking up 0-1x/night. And with the improved sleep quality and better blood flow I have now, my life is back on track. Thanks, Molly!
Allison Zambardino
00:08 05 Nov 19
Tina is a talented, kind and supportive physical therapist. It’s evident that she has a wide array of experience in both orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapy. I have been working with Tina since 2017 and have made tangible progress over the past two years. I am so grateful for the services she provides me with as well as the techniques/ exercises to complete in between sessions.I am also grateful for the kindness and flexibility the administrative staff has shown me, especially Kirsten. She always has a smile on her face when I walk into the clinic and efficiently schedules my sessions.
Karen Elsman
17:17 27 Oct 19
Beyond Basics Physical Therapy is aptly named as it truly does go BEYOND traditional physical therapy.Jessica Babitch has helped me from midsection to toe. I'd say head to toe, however, we haven't gotten to there...yet. Jessica is supportive & encouraging both physically & emotionally. She works with me both externally & internally. As we all know the song about the knee bone connected to the leg bone which is connected to the ankle bone. Its ALL connected.Jessica, through working on my body as a whole, helped strengthen my core with breathing and other exercises. At times I can't perform an exercise and she is helping hone it so that I can, or she searches for another that I am capable of doing. Doing a practice exercise in a treatment room so you can do "homework" is one thing. Going home and remembering how to do my "homework" is something else. Jessica, who has already talked & walked me through these exercises, then writes out my "homework" in a way that I am assured I to be doing it effectively. And she is quite creative in other "homework" assignments!I've had a specific internal pain for an extremely long time. None of my doctors, including my primary and gynecologist, could understand what to attribute this pain to. It was not a one time visit with Jessica that gave us answers to this mysterious pain. Physical? Phantom? With discussion, support, trials, and eliminations Jessica discovered the source of the pain and a way to help it subside and eventually go away completely with a very easy to do technique!For ALL of the above reasons I thank Jessica. And especially for the latter reason my husband thanks her as well ; )Most Sincerely,Karen R. Elsmanp.s. Thank you Ruth for helping me with the technical part.
16:04 15 May 19
This place is a dream and an oasis of rest for anyone with endometriosis. I cannot recommend BB highly enough and the billing department and Yarisa are saints for the way they’ve helped me be able to receive physical therapy. Everyone I’ve interacted with there has been kind, compassionate and empathetic and have gone above and beyond what I expected from Memphis at the front desk to Stephanie, my PT, to Yarisa, the billing director. I feel like I can finally breathe so much more easily because they’ve made it possible for me to receive the treatment I need and I’m so grateful. Also, the space is so beautiful and well thought out and soothing. I’ve had nothing but good experiences and I always thought Beyond Basics was out of reach for me but the billing department have proven that they will work and advocate for anyone who needs treatment to be able to receive it and I so appreciate it. They’re wonderful allies and angels for women with endo. It’s so hard getting the treatments needed in NY and even harder to get them covered but Yarisa worked so hard for me and was able to get my treatment covered and I’m still in shock. Women with endo all need angels looking out for them like Yarisa. She has my deepest gratitude.
Jill F
00:10 18 Oct 18
The therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and kind, they make me feel so comfortable and supported. They've helped me through multiple surgeries and tough recoveries. My case is very complex and they've been so great at helping me manage multiple chronic issues including endometriosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, muscle and joint issues and fibromyalgia. They've also diagnosed problems missed by my doctors. Very grateful for the staff at Beyond Basics.
Virginia Fitzgerald
20:02 15 Aug 18
Molly was amazing! She literally rescued me from one of the most painful and awkward injuries I've ever dealt with. She gave me an accurate prognosis and timeline for recovery, exercises I was able to do on my own to speed up my healing, and a wealth of knowledge. She was respectful and sensitive about the nature of my injury, while having a terrific sense of humor that made our sessions actually enjoyable. I highly recommend the entire practice. Their front office is very organized and thorough.
Jesse Corinella
01:05 31 May 18
Working with Beyond Basics has been incredibly helpful! Since being in a car accident in 2004, I have had consistent back pain – additionally, I have been suffering from GI issues for as long as I can remember. After working with Katie for a few months, I began to learn how to better manage my symptoms, largely through specific stretches and exercises. Thanks to our sessions, I've been feeling healthier and more empowered, and in turn, I've begun to work with a personal trainer for the first time. I have tons of respect for the personal trainers working at Beyond Basics, and thanks to their incredibly specialized knowledge, I feel stronger and experience less pain than I have in years.
Rebecca Rothman
16:49 15 Feb 17
As a day camp director, I referred several parents of campers to Beyond Basics whose older children needed help with issues related to control of bowel movements or urination. They all had great success with their well trained PTs who are skilled at working with children,they were sensitive and caring. Their condition improved and they were able to attend camp.
Caroline Epner
04:12 23 Nov 16
My experience with Beyond Basics PT ( a LOUD shout out to my front desk BFF Tamara who makes EVERY visit more exciting than the last) over the last several months has honestly been absolutely nothing short of life changing. Honestly! It is expensive, yes. And. Worth. Every. Penny. Also, if you do your research and make sure you have good OOP benefits than you can get almost 90% reimbursement for services each week (depending on your plan. I realize this is a big if for many people). But for me, after having two kids and in 2016 (wow!) still needing to work twice as hard as those millenials and men who are getting paid more than me and working half as hard, needing to worry about bladder urgency at inopportune times is just not something I have time to do! This year, with Denise Small's assistance and nagging and patience (and TONS of kegels) I ran the NY Marathon without peeing on myself. I would NEVER have imagined this would have been possible 6 months ago. It's not an overnight thing, but this works. Guaranteed, if you're willing to put in the work too.
Anna Gilbert
20:54 09 Nov 16
My therapist Sarah has been super helpful and patient with me. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who struggled with similar issues as I do.
Nora Skiba
00:13 09 Nov 16
Beyond Basics is amazing. The staff are wonderful, so attentive, devoted and helpful. The best physical therapy that I have experienced. I highly recommend Beyond Basics.
Amy Lei
13:50 07 Nov 16
Melissa has brought me back from debilitating lower back pain to now a functioning individual with minimal daily pain. This is through walking, sitting, standing posture aware and targeted exercises. Nothing complicated but life altering. The entire staff at Beyond Basics is professional and wondeful. Highly recommended for lower back pain.
idowrite idowrite
16:10 10 Oct 14
Caveat emptor! Whatever you do don't go. We would give zero stars but it' s not avaiaible.They overcharge for services not given. They give you papers to sign telling you you must sign them before your appointment trying to get you to be accountable for services not given.

Beyond Basics: We Can Help

At Beyond Basics, we are committed to treating pelvic floor issues with sensitivity to each individual’s needs, regardless of sex, race, identity, age, or orientation – we treat the whole person with a comprehensive, caring biopsychosocial approach.

Since 2003, Beyond Basics has been a place of hope and healing for our patients. We believe skilled and compassionate healing can restore your body’s harmony and balance. Founder, Amy Stein, and co-founder, Corey Hazama are renowned experts and leaders in pelvic floor PT.

The skilled physical therapists at Beyond Basics receive extensive training to qualify them to be the world’s leaders in pelvic floor rehabilitation. All of our therapists have been carefully selected to work at Beyond Basics because they possess the right expertise, kindness, and empathy to allow them to excel in our practice. Our therapists have completed hundreds of additional hours outside of their doctorates both internally and externally through institutes such as Herman and Wallace and the American Physical Therapy Association, to help hone their practice and provide exceptional treatment efficiently and compassionately. In addition to being the world’s first and foremost experts in pelvic floor dysfunction, our individual therapists have cultivated additional skills unique to their own personal interests. Read more about each one of our therapists here.

Get help now from a pediatric pelvic floor therapist.

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Learn more about pelvic health by exploring our blog.

Stay updated on our seminars and access other educational resources here.

Pediatric Health Services

— Beyond Basics PT | Pelvic Floor Therapy NYC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which insurance providers do you work with?
We accept United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and Oxford insurance out-of-network plans. Our billing staff will submit claims on your behalf. You can also make convenient monthly payments with various finance options with Care Credit. We offer our patients special interest-free financing of 6, 12, or 18 months. We also offer discounted package rates through Care Credit.

If you have specific questions about insurance coverage, financing, or financial assistance, please call our billing office at: 212.354.2622 or email

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?
If you find it necessary to reschedule or cancel your child’s appointment, we kindly request that you provide us with a minimum of 24 business hours notice. Should you need to cancel within this timeframe, a cancellation fee of 60% of the appointment cost will apply. Please note that this fee is not eligible for reimbursement by your insurance provider. In the event you are late or have missed an appointment without prior notification, the full session fee will be charged. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.
How many treatment sessions will my child need?
The exact number will depend on your child’s specific symptoms. Your PT will discuss the treatment plan with you during the initial consultation.
What should my child wear to each session?
Your child should wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes to each session.
What will your treatments help my child with?
Our pediatric pelvic floor physical therapy treatments will help address the uncomfortable symptoms associated with tight, weak, or lack of coordination of the pelvic floor muscles. This can include eliminating symptoms such as daytime urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, bed-wetting, constipation, painful bowel movements, tight abdominal muscles, abdominal pain, and bloating, as well as orthopedic sports injuries.

Our goal at Beyond Basics is to provide your child with complete symptom relief and improve their quality of life.

What makes someone a pelvic floor physical therapist versus a regular physical therapist?
Pelvic floor physical therapists have the same knowledge as regular physical therapists when it comes to the body’s anatomy and function, however, pelvic floor PTs have extensive knowledge of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is their specialty.

All pelvic physical therapists get additional training in pelvic floor treatment through continuing education and at our clinic. We pride ourselves on the level of training we provide, not just at the beginning but throughout the time our therapists spend at Beyond Basics. We know that learning is a life-long process. We also provide additional training in the physiology of the GI system and urinary system as well as sexual health and function and nutritional training. Most PT programs and schools do not provide the depth and breadth of knowledge that we provide all our PTs at Beyond Basics.

Who should my child see to get a proper diagnosis?
Many healthcare providers don’t assess – or don’t know how to assess – the pelvic floor muscles and nerves, so it’s important to get a proper diagnosis from a practitioner who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic pain. Too often patients tell us that they or their children have been to 10 different doctors and healthcare providers and their symptoms have not improved, or have worsened. At Beyond Basics, our PTs specialize in the pelvic floor and will get your child on the path to healing as quickly as possible.
Can we still make an appointment if we live out of town?
Yes. For new patients and families who live out of town, we request that you visit us in person for an initial two-hour evaluation and schedule daily follow-up sessions that last at least 120 minutes during the remainder of your stay.

When you return home, we encourage your child to continue treatment with either a local PT specializing in pelvic floor therapy or that you and your child visit us every few months for in-person visits.

Additionally, we can provide telehealth sessions to your family. These are one-on-one video sessions completed over an online platform during which a PT guides you through treatments and exercises, and provides support.

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