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BBPT Patient Testimonial: Tanya

I came to Amy as an out-of-town patient from the West Coast to treat anismus (pelvic floor and bowel dysfunction), that I developed after endometriosis excision surgery which included bowel resection. What I liked immediately about Amy is that she did not draw me a “picture perfect.” The first time when I spoke with her by phone, she did not say “after a few weeks of our treatment you will be 100% OK”, rather she was hesitant if I shall come, and referred me to a good PT in my area (how decent of her! She was ready to lose a client but do what’s best for me!) I still wanted to come, because I believed there is no one like Amy. And I was right!

Amy is the most thorough, thinking, caring and insightful physical therapist that I ever met (and I met several during the last year of my healing journey). She understood my condition and its root causes, she gave me the best treatments I’ve ever received (e.g. did myofascial release of certain trigger points that no other PT who treated me ever touched), and during the treatments I saw that she is thinking all the time, asking questions, adjusting treatments to my condition, always looking for new ways to make me feel better.

In addition, according to Amy’s recommendation, I was also treated by another PT in Amy’s office, Michele, who uses a different technique (visceral mobilization) which complemented Amy’s treatments for my condition. Besides, I opted-in for some acupuncture treatments, also provided in Amy’s office by Paula. After 3 weeks of intensive everyday treatments by Amy, Michele and Paula I feel so much better!

But in order to continue my progress, Amy also gave me an extensive home program, which included stretching exercises, breathing exercises, massage of trigger points, etc., and she also provided me with all the equipment needed to perform this program, such as massaging stick, organic heating pad, relaxation CD, etc. She also gave me a lot of tips regarding the diet and food supplements which may contribute to improving of my condition. Amy was so meticulous in training me of how to perform all self-care treatments, she repeated the home program several times with me.

And in the end Amy volunteered to speak with a PT in my area regarding the continuity of my care.

I cannot speak highly enough about Amy and her staff. Not only they are top-notch professionals, but also noble, kind and caring people, who really invest themselves in making you better. And they succeed!

Tanya P., 42

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