Pre & Post Partum

Can I get my pre-baby body back?

By Stephanie Stamas Everyone around me seems to be thinking about getting pregnant or has just had a baby. There is truly something in the air! I have not caught the bug yet BUT I am very invested in keeping my friend’s bodies happy and healthy. When doing a quick Google search on how to take care of yourself during pregnancy, there is SO much information out there. How can we know what is legitimate versus fictitious? There are also so many changes in the body – how can we know what to do to help us the most? And what should we expect from our bodies post-partum? This is the topic of our next lecture of the Pelvic Health 101 Seminar Series.

If you are thinking of getting pregnant, are currently pregnant or a post-partum mother (recent or your baby is about to go to college) this lecture is for you! So much of health care is focused on the little one, and this is important, but mothers need attention too! How are mothers supposed to take care of their family, carry a stroller up two flight of stairs (NYC moms) or return to work if their abdominals haven’t come back together, their pelvic floor muscles aren’t kicking in and their post-partum posture is perpetuating weakness? This class will address what women can do to get their strength and independence back! We will discuss diastasis recti, episiotomies, perineal tears, leaking, postural changes and most importantly – what you can do to help get your body back. Don’t miss this FREE seminar – tickets are going FAST so sign up here.

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