Continuing the Continence Conversation

By Riva Preil

In honor of National Continence Week, I want to share a fantastic resource with you. Dustienne Miller, former Beyond Basics therapist and current owner and founder of Flourish Physical Therapy (Boston, Massachusetts) has created a yoga DVD to treat incontinence.

Dustienne has extensive experience both in pelvic floor physical therapy as well as in the practice of yoga. In fact, she fuses her knowledge and passion of both approaches into a course entitled Yoga for Pelvic Pain. She teaches this course to fellow practitioners on behalf of the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.

Not only does Dustienne share her wealth of knowledge with other therapists, she does so with patients worldwide through her wonderful DVDs, Your Pace Yoga: Relieving Pelvic Pain and Your Pace Yoga: Optimizing Bladder Control. I would like to focus on the latter of the two, because this DVD is an incredible tool for individuals experiencing incontinence. According to one satisfied individual, “I practiced the gravity eliminating flow on Sunday and I am so thrilled with your DVD! I’d wished for a DVD like this because I don’t always keep up with exercises on my own, and you had everything I needed all in one flow. Thank you so much!â€

If you are jealous of that testimonial and want to be saying the same thing, check out a clip of the DVD for yourself! While you are at it, please check out the website for Dustienne’s brand new clinic in Boston:

575 Boylston St, 4th fl, Boston MA 02116; [email protected]

Get help now from a pelvic floor therapist.

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