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Postcard From: PT Day of Service

By Fiona McMahon, DPT The PT National Day of Service was on Saturday, October 17 this year. All around the Nation, physical therapists spent their Saturdays giving back to the community, from volunteering in soup kitchens, painting murals in city schools, and running charity races. We at Beyond Basics held our first pro bono clinic. This Saturday the therabands were a’ snapping early as we offered quick health and wellness screens to public. We were busy all day and we all had a blast getting to know and treat new people. On this day of Service, we physical therapists look back at what is a tremendous honor, to treat people when they can be at their most vulnerable. Being a physical therapist affords us a great luxury of being able to spend more time with our patients than many other healthcare professions. We get to know and care for our patients in such a special way. It is such a privilege to go to work everyday helping people reach their goals and improve their ability to enjoy their lives. Thank you, Beyond Basics Physical Therapy

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