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Postcard from Melissa Stendahl’s Visceral Mobilization Inservice

By Fiona McMahon, DPT

Here at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy, we are fortunate to be able to carve out time in our busy schedules to build our skills. Our staff is composed of physical therapists who are experts on both pelvic floor and orthopedic rehabilitation; however, our diverse staff has expertise that goes beyond traditional pelvic and ortho physical therapy. We take time a couple of days per month to share our knowledge in subspecialties of interest with our coworkers.

Last Wednesday, Melissa Stendahl taught an inservice on visceral techniques to aid in conditions like constipation, dysmenorrhea, infertility, reflux, and more. In her inservice, Melissa explained how the musculoskeletal system can affect the body’s organ systems (viscera) and vice versa. Melissa demonstrated techniques to mobilize organs like the esophagus to help with ulcers, and reflux, the small intestine to treat women’s health issues, low back pain, and lower extremity joint pain, ileocecal valve for bowel disturbances, as well as many other organs.

The symptoms visceral mobilization can be helpful in treating include:

  • esophageal and gastric ulcers
  • headache
  • sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • low back pain
  • weakness
  • women’s health issues
  • nausea
  • bowel disturbances
  • incontinence
  • bladder prolapse
  • testicular pain
  • groin pain
  • erectile dysfunction
  • pelvic congestion
  • mechanical infertility issues

Check out photos from Melissa’s inservice below. If you are interested in the benefits of visceral mobilization, please call us at 212.354.2622 to schedule an appointment!


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