Advocacy and Research

Regarding Amy Stein’s recent presentation at Beth Israel Medical Center to a team of urologists:

From a Physical Therapy student’s point of view, this presentation was eye-opening. Not so much because of the subject matter that was presented, but rather because of the questions asked by these physicians. One assumed that the psoas muscle was out of reach and could not be palpated as a part of physical therapy treatment. Another physician doubted how eliminating myofascial restrictions in muscles and tissue around the branches of the pudendal nerve could truly help alleviate a patient’s symptoms. Amy addressed all questions professionally with thorough explanations, and at the end of the presentation she was sincerely thanked for enlightening the group. The take-home message for me is that the role of the Physical Therapist as educator is just as important as our role as clinicians.

Luisa Siepi, SPT, CSCS, LMT

Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate

New York University

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