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Work Hard, Play Harder

By Riva Preil In honor of the summer and all our hard work, Amy Stein generously treated the Beyond Basics Staff to a summer weekend of fun! Last Sunday and Monday, our team met at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach where we proceeded to bond, eat, and laugh…a LOT! We participated in team building games that helped us improve our communication skills. In addition, we played a “Guess Who†game, during which we all submitted three random and unexpected facts about ourselves, and then we tried guessing who submitted the clue. For example, would you have guessed that Amy was the captain of her cheerleading team in high school? Or that Yarissa is one of SEVEN children? Or that Arianna wanted to be a pilot? Yep, neither did I, and it was definitely a fun experience learning more about my co-workers. Our group trip was a huge success, and we are especially grateful to Mary Hughes and Karen Medina for planning the details of our outing. One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Beyond Basics is that I feel part of a TEAM. I feel truly blessed to work alongside so many talented, accomplished, intelligent, and beautiful women. In the daily hustle and bustle of New York fast paced life, it is easy to forget how lucky I am! That is why office outings such as this past weekend’s trip are so special. They serve as important reminders to me to count my blessings and appreciate my unique work environment. Not only are my co-workers excellent colleagues professionally speaking, but they are also my FRIENDS! I enjoyed spending quality time with them this weekend, and look forward to many more future team building opportunities. Take a look at some pictures below! image(1) image(3) image (5)

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