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Yoga for Athletes

Danielle Bullen reports on the use of yoga for the treatment of athletic injuries in the Jun 11th edition of Advance for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine. Bullen reports on the growing number of clinicians who are using yoga as a healing modality. Katherine Roberts is the yoga instructor for the San Diego Padres and the founder of Yoga for Golfers. She integrates specific postures into spring training and you can check out some videos on her website Dr. Kriebel is a physical therapist and owner of Awareness Physical Therapy. She estimates 50% of her case load seek yoga therapy over traditional physical therapy.

So what makes yoga postures different than traditional therapeutic exercise? There is a different focus on breath. Specifically useful for people with chronic pain, freeing the breath can free chronic holding in the pelvis, back, hip, and neck. Yoga also inspires mindfulness, which is helpful when dealing with chronic pelvic pain.

At Beyond Basics Physical Therapy we offer yoga classes and private sessions for people with pelvic pain. We can help you reeducate your body to move in a painfree way. For more information please email [email protected].

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