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Getting to Know You: Alexa Peralta

Their beautiful faces greet you in the office and their lovely voices answer your questions on the phone. And NOW, you will have the opportunity to be introduced in more detail to our amazing administrative staff! Please enjoy the following series of interviews with the wonderful women who help Beyond Basics Physical Therapy run as smoothly as it does. Meet…Alexa Peralta!


1. How did you become part of the BBPT family/how did you first come to work here?
My friend and previous co-worker, Yarissa Rivas, was already working at Beyond Basics, and she told me about the job opening.

2. What is your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part of the job is definitely the patients! It makes me feel good to provide them with a smile when they are in so much pain. I see my job as more than simply just asking for insurance cards and payment information! Instead, my job is to help and support our wonderful patients in any and every way possible. Whether it is through making accommodations to schedules, calling an insurance company, or simply lending a listening ear, I am grateful for the opportunity to help.

3. What is your favorite/funniest story from working at BBPT?
OMG, this is a good story! One time, I was about to sit down in my rolling chair. Without realizing it, I had accidentally pushed the chair and by the time I sat down, it had completely rolled away from beneath me. As you can imagine, I plopped right down onto the floor! The three patients who were in the waiting room at that time witnessed my “graceful†fall, and we all shared a good laugh. To this day, we still chuckle together about the incident.

4. What do you enjoy doing for fun?
Family, family, family! Thank God, I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, Wilson, and we have twin boys, William and Alexander Mena, who are six years old. I love spending time with them on nights and weekends.

Thank you, Alexa, for always being so helpful and wonderful. WE LOVE YOU!

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