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It’s National Lymphatic Drainage Awareness Day!

By Roseanne Cruz

Today is National Lymphatic Drainage Awareness “D†Day! Each year, on March 6, the National Lymphatic Drainage Network and the lymphedema community celebrate Lymphatic Drainage Awareness “D†Day, a special day to honor inspirational lymphedema patients: those who have contributed to the community or who have shown great courage in their struggle with disease. We show the world lymphedema is no longer a rare condition by honoring the many people living with it today, and the exceptional health care providers who, with dedication and support, have touched their lives and hearts. In past years, some have been honored at gala events, some in small, intimate gatherings, and others, one-on-one by their health care provider, family, or friend. This day provides us with a special opportunity to alert our local media, medical community and neighborhoods about lymphedema; to create awareness about the condition, who is at risk, and available treatments, so not one more person will be told they just have to live with it, that nothing can be done.

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