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There are innumerable benefits to having a strong pelvic floor–from stronger urinary continence to better orgasms–and one of the ways to do that is through Kegel exercises, as we’ve definitely heard before. Just squeeze the same muscles you would as if you were looking to stop your flow of urine. But you can also use Kegel exercisers to do this! In a recent article on Health magazine’s website, “Very Personal Trainers: Kegel Devices to Work Your Pelvic Floor,” writer Rachel Swalin lists some Kegel gadgets to add some extra strength where you might not be able to do so on your own: there’s Elvie, kGoal, and Skea, all of which have corresponding smartphone apps to track your progress!

It’s important to remember, though, that with the Kegel exerciser, you should NOT overdo it. A couple of times per week at 10 to 20 reps each time is fine, if you have no problems. Three times per day is sufficient if you do have leaking, but really if you have any pelvic, tailbone, lower abdominal pain or urinary/bowel frequency and urgency, you should consult a pelvic floor physical therapist first. Amy’s book, Heal Pelvic Pain, is only $12 on Amazon and it explains Kegels really well as well as adjunctive exercises to go along with the Kegels. It also goes into detail when to and not to do Kegels, so take a read before jumping into your new purchase.

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