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Posture Ponders

By Riva Preil

“Sit up straight and be mindful of your posture!†These may not have ever been anyone’s famous last words, but they are definitely ones that most of us have heard at some point or other in our lives, probably from parents or teachers. (Would it be terrible if I were to confess that I was chided on the matter during physical therapy graduate school by one of my professors? #practicewhatyoupreach!)

Many people admit it is difficult to be mindful of their posture at all times, and they are accustomed to their old poor habits. While old habits die hard, nevertheless practice makes perfect. That being said, I challenge you to rise to the occasion (literally and figuratively) and to commit yourself to improved biomechanical alignment.

Julie Wiebe, a physical therapist with over seventeen years of clinical experience in sports medicine and women’s health, has created a fantastic video demonstrating how to achieve proper posture. Julie also discusses the delicate balance between posture, the diaphragm, and the pelvic floor. I encourage you to watch the video (approximately three minutes only) in order to better learn how to maneuver your body and achieve optimal biomechanical alignment. Thank you, Julie, for your contribution to the health and wellness of so many individuals!

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