Stool Science

By Riva Preil

You loved her talk about anatomy two weeks ago and you couldn’t get enough about bladder chatter last Tuesday. Well, guess what… Stephanie Stamas is back for more! On Tuesday, October 28th, at 7 PM, Stephanie will teach the next class in the series of The School of Pelvic Health entitled Why is Pooping So Difficult.

This class is a MUST for anyone who lives, breaths, eats, and digests on planet earth. Yes, that includes you.

  • Have you ever wondered what is the proper position for passing bowel movements?
  • Ever wonder how sitting on the toilet affects the pelvic floor muscles, the muscles that need to relax in order to pass a bowel movement?
  • Also, how much water should an individual drink and how much fiber should one eat? Heck, what IS fiber and what foods are good sources of fiber?
  • Why do I have to strain to pass a bowel movement? Is that normal?

Don’t let these questions bother you any longer. Stephanie will address these and many other related issues. She will explain the proper muscle coordination required to pass a bowel movement and she will teach practical techniques that can be implemented immediately.

We look forward to meeting and greeting you on Tuesday evening, and we hope you continue to enjoy Stephanie’s classes!

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