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Updates from IPPS!

Here are some updates from Amy’s experiences at the International Pelvic Pain Society conference:

Here is a photo of Stephanie Prendergast, MPT, vice president of IPPS and Amy, board member and chairman of fundraising at IPPS, with Lorimer Mosley in a dress (a well-known researcher of pain and author of explain pain). We raised over $4,000 in 24 hours for his fundraiser of He had to wear a dress when presenting his conference because the attendees raised the goal of over $4,000. The money goes to young girls in Sri Lanka: $250 gives them an education rather than being married off at 13, pregnant at 14 and either dying during childbirth from poor healthcare or having to become prostitutes to make money to keep their children all while possibly getting HIV. You can look on their website for more details. Beyond Basics Physical Therapy donated $800, and you can check out the link above if you want to donate more.

Here’s another Amy and Stephanie Prendergast at IPPS in Chicago, and one in the midst of the conference!

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